Written by: Christina Phan

The 2011-2012 Vis Moot problem was released Friday, October 7th, marking the beginning of the next six months of our lives. Our lives will be split into two parts 1) Research and writing and 2) Research and oral advocacy. Yes, we will continue to research and better understand the issues throughout the entire process.

For the next few months the team will be focused on the first component -- researching, better understanding the problem, and parsing out all important issues and facts. We will also be writing 2 claimant and 2 respondent briefs. We have hit the ground running and are spending immense time researching a broad range of issues related to the problem. We are dissecting different arbitration rules, the New York Convention, UNCITRAL, CISG, and case law all across the globe.

            It is a confusing and busy, but extremely exciting period for USD VICAM. We are learning about a new realm of law and how different cultures, countries, and systems of law deal with arbitration and international trade issues. This is one of the most practical and educational experiences of our law school journey and we are truly embracing this great opportunity.

            USD VICAM is also working hard to plan the Fifth Annual Michael Thorsnes International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition February 17-19, 2012. We have updated our web site to include all relevant information regarding the tournament and we are working hard to make this a successful, easy and helpful competition for all participating individuals.

            We hope to see all of you at our tournament. If you have any questions, would like to participate, or assist with the planning of our Pre-Moot please do not hesitate to contact us.

            Also, if you are an attorney, Vis Moot alumni, professor, or arbitrator and would like to assist us with learning more about this years’ problem and helping to developing our writing and advocacy skills we would love your assistance. You can contact us at USDVICAM@gmail.com.

By: Christina Phan

On the week of September 12th VICAM hosted a two-day try-out process where more than 40 applicants vied for spots on the 2011-2012 team. With the assistance of USD Law Professors, Lawrence and Snyder, and two VICAM Traveling team alums, Josiah Reid and AJ Kessler, we selected 7 second and third year students to join the team as senior members and 5 first year students to be 1L associates.

The candidates were given the problem of one of the old Moot Competitions and given a week to prepare a five minute oral argument on one of the issues. While in the room, the applicants faced the four judges who questioned them during their oral argument, and in the back of the room was the entire returning team taking notes on their performance. The judges ranked the candidates based on style, clarity, structure of argument, advocacy skills, and knowledge of the facts and rules. After all of the competitors had completed their try-outs, using the top selections of the judges and the candidates resume, the team selected members to join.

We would like to introduce the 2011-2012 VICAM Team:

Senior Associates: Adrien 'Trent' Ruark (2L) Alex Willett (3L) Blaz Gutierrez (3L)Chad Peace (3L) Christina Phan (3L)Erik Keto (2L) Giorgio Sassine (2L) Jennifer Truong (3L)Kaitlyn Reilly (3L) Matt Carter (2L) Michael McDonald (2L) Stephanie Parazo (2L) Stephanie Zigler (3L)Trent Kashima (2L)Vivian Pham (3L)   First-Year Associates Kristen Lee Neal Gibeault Nika Antonikova Jennifer Lai Josephine 'Avelina' Burbridge   We look forward to an exciting year of research, brief writing, oral advocacy practices, pre-moots, and traveling to Vienna and Hong Kong!

With your support, we will be able to meet our goals for this year... please consider contributing to our program.